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The Viernheimi Bt. has been shipping pets on road and with airplane for more than 25 years. We organised air shipping from Budapest at the very beginning and then the same from Frankfurt. If there is no possibility to transport to a specific airport from Budapest we organise the shipment from Prague, Vienna, Frankfurt or Amsterdam according to their destinations.


If you are going to buy a dog from a breeder in Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Romania please order the shipping through the breeder and settle the shipping information with him/her because the owner of the pet has to fill the shipping documents.

the transportation process if you buy a dog from abroad: 

  • After you have chosen the animal, please contact the breeder and let him/her know that you are going to ship with the Viernheimi Bt.
  • Please pay the price of the animal and the shipping to the owner so she/he can order the shipment from us. The owner has to organise the documents, passport, health and other certifications that needed for the shipping.
  • After these we are going to send you all the information about the shipping (airway bill number, flight number, local time of arrival)
  • Then you have to contact the airline company (we will let you know about the phone number), tell them and the airway bill number and that you will pick up the dog at the airport. There can be cases when the airline company contacts you on the phone number you have given.
  • At the end you will pick up the dog at the given airport in the given time.



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Before filling the forms please make sure you read the following part carefully:


Air shipping for dogs, cats and other pets to any international airport on the world

Our company organises shipments  for dogs, cats and other pets from Hungary to any international available airport on the world. There are hundreds of airports available for this purpose.

We organise the shipments mostly with KLM, Aeroflot, LOT, Czezh, British, Lufthansa and Emirates airlines. Also from Vienna and Prague we can ship with Delta and United airlines so this is how we can cover almost every available country on the world.

An important note that not all airplanes can transport live animal because the cargo has to be air conditioned and pressure balanced. An airline company cannot give live animal to another airline company so sometimes transfer is not a possibility and there are some airports that are not available in other ways.

We look forward to your request with our reasonable prices on our price quote request page.  If you have any questions please call us on the +36 30 9470 049 phone number



Air shipping regulations for dogs and cats

  • All animals have to possess microchip and passport.
  • In most cases puppies can be shipped 30 days (21 days in the EU) after the rabies vaccination that was given at the age of 12 weeks.
  • To Canada the puppies can fly right after the rabies vaccination.
  • To USA the puppies can fly at the age of 10 weeks, but snub nosed dogs can be shipped right after the rabies vaccination that was given at the age of 3 months (not 12 weeks!).
  • For adult dogs minimum 30 days (21 days in the EU) old but not older than one year rabies vaccination needed.
  • Pregnant animals can be shipped till the 6th week of pregnancy.
  • To some specific countries animals can be shipped only with an import permit which is provide by the consignee.
  • For country rules that are different from these above please check here


The transportation process

When you let us know about the details of the dog (type, age, weight, size etc. ) plus the country and the airport you want to ship to, we are going to give you a price quote that includes the whole shipping price: shipping on road – from the arranged picking up place – air shipping, organising price, costum price and the shipping box. (We provide the box and after picking up the dog it stays with the consignee). 
If the box size is not right it is possible that the airline company refuses to do the transport or only does it with bigger box, which is an additional cost. Therefore please make sure you give the right measurements. Use our box size calculator for the size of the box you need.

To order a shipment the following data must be provided:  Data of sender (name, post address, phone number, e-mail address), the destination airport and the data of consignee (name, post address – it can’t be post office box- , phone number, e-mail address).

Some airlines like Emirates and Lufthansa calls the consignee in the destination country, but for KLM and Aeroflot the consignee has to call the airline to prove that everything is all right about the process and picking up the dog. That is why it is important to write the person who is picking up the dog on the ordering form.

After ordering the shipment we will confirm it to you  and the consignee in 2 working days. This confirmation shows the airway bill number, the flight number and the local arrival time.  On the day of the air shipping we pick up the dog (or other pet) at the agreed place in the agreed time and bring it to the airport from where we do the shipping on that day.

When we pick up the dog we need to get the valid passport with all the vaccinations and health certificates required by the rules and also the price of the shipping. We offer the price in Euro because of the fluctuations in exchange rates in Huf. The shipping price has to be paid in Huf on the actual selling rate of MNB on that day.

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Shipping in EU

If there is request for it we take also road shipping for live animal in Hungary or in the EU.
We have all the permissions needed for road and air shipping.

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